Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shiny, pretty people...

... is what comes to mind when visiting Singapore.

So Darling and I decided that this was the perfect time to mix business with pleasure, so off we went. Honestly though, I stand behind my title; the Singa-poras and Singa-kello are all just looked so scrubbed and pweety and squeeky clean... and the clothes (!!!) to so totally die for! I had loads of fun walking around the malls, people watching and window shopping. Yes... it was mostly window shopping, since bank account was saying "foine, go on mini break but remember, you can't splurge or you'll be paying off debt for the next 14 zillion years".

Bought a couple of pairs of shoes, but not easy since ppl there have lovely slim feet while mine are wide at crucial and painful points. Did not shop for clothes since all are made for Twiggy-thin Singa-kello and just make self feel fugly. Is mortifying when only super large maternity type wear fits.

Also miffed at not finding the shop that sells designer perfume tester bottles cheap - apparently it's at Lucky Plaza, which was skipped since "oh I can go there when back in SL" kinda entered the train of thought. Books are expensive. Don't buy books in S'pore... please don't drool on them either. Went looking for a non-existent flea market at Clark Quay. Ended up taking coy pictures of self peering out at camera from betweent cherry-blossom bedecked branches. (No, those pics will not be uploaded).

Ate parata and masala thosai every night for dinner. Also sampled mock duck pancakes, chinese dumplings, peanut sesame balls, chicken rolls wrapped in seeweed and this weird beancurd soup that had boiled eggs floating in it. :S

It's Chinese new year next week or so and the themes are sort of mixed "Happy Year of the Tiger and Oops don't forget Valentine's Day" with cute tigers clutching pink hearts grinning at you from amidst the cherry blossoms. Lots of stalls selling fake cherry blossoms and chinese paintings and lots of cultural shows... everyone was in great holiday mood too. Camera was kinda crappy, so pics not good. Frankly, even Darling's camera phone pics are much better, but anywez...

Flowers everywhere!

Funky drummer ladies

Very funky

Went to Sentosa and had fun looking at fishies and dolphins and sealions. Didn't have time to see the light show. :( This is the 2nd time I missed it, and not sure if will be able to go back in near future.

Leopard spotted stingray

Me petting leopard spotted stingray

Ooh yeah, went to watch Avatar on 3D... OMG it was so totally cool esp. since I hadn't watched it at home... and it was all coming-at-you and real-lifey (let me have my childishly enthusiastic moment plz) and at points I was ducking the massive attacker birds and swatting away the soot falling near my face!

Avatar FTW!

So yes... I've been having a good week... Many many thanks to S and D for putting up with us, giving a key to their apartment and not getting miffed when we noisily returned in wee hours of the morning. And for feeding us, lending laptops and handing out traincards. You rock!



T said...

This post had a very Bridget Jones-y feel to it :B

Serendib_Isle said...

LOL - yes this post sounds like a kid in a toyshop. ;)
I love S’pore too – except those weird Ice Kachang’s, who eats ice cream with corn? :P

WorldofPeace said...

<3 Avatar!!!

sue said... make me miss Singapore. Lived there for 4 years and never thought of them as Singa-poras ;)
Pity you missed the laser show at Sentosa. It's really awesome.

Chavie said...

oooh the funky drummer ladies rock!!! :D

Avatar was such an awesome movie... must've been amazing to watch it in 3D! :D

and lol @ the singa-poras and singa-kello bit! ;) haha

santhoshi said...

Great to see u took a break angel.
I totally agree about the shoes, why cant they cater the tourists like us.

Knatolee said...

We spent 24 hours in Singaperfect on our way to SL and it was fun! I especially remember the orchids in the airport. Love your pictures, especially those stingrays.

Dee said...

we want to see the shoesss! ok just me :I

Angel said...

T : yes well, feel very Bridget Jonesy - over a "certain age", obsessively weightwatching, easily pleased! :) V.g.!

Serendib : don't get me started on my first visit to a mega Toys 'R' Us store!

WoP : :)

Sue : oh am so jealous... would love to live there (not permanently though...)

Chavie : :)

Santhoshi : so true!

Knatolee : aren't the rays sweet? slightly on the slimy side, though...

Dee : Await a shoe post soon!

Gadgetgirl said...

Singapore <3 <3 <3

funky drummers.