Friday, May 30, 2008


Oh dear!

Darling was involved in a car crash last wednesday... with one of those famous white vans that was speeding in order to get a couple of foreigners to the airport. Thank goodness no one was hurt... all Darling has is a bit of neck and shoulder stiffness and a bump on his side. (Phew!) And thankfully, a motorcyclist narrowly avoided being squished by the two skidding vehicles.

I shudder at the thought of what could have happened.

Brother was called out, and Mums went with him... I stayed at home getting jitterier with each passing minute. It was past 2am when they towed the car home - pretty much wrecked on the right side. Bonnet dented, doors crumpled, radiator broken, tires busted, front and rear lamps smashed... :S And we only bought it a few months ago...

So now the car is in the garage and the saga of haggling with the insurance company continues.

Darling has come out of the whole thing rather like a Highland yoghurt - shaken, but not stirred.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Marriage has taught me...

Well, it has been six months yesterday since Darling and I tied the proverbial knot and stepped into the murky and shark infested waters of married life. Continuing in the same vein, Daling has been the proverbial tower of strength during the panic attacks, tantrums moods and moments with which I responded to the minor crises we faced.

During this period, I have gathered many pebbles of wisdom. Many more are scattered around the boggy shores. Some may make those who are further down this beaten path shake their heads in nostalgia / frustration. They may serve as a heads up for those who wish to step in, and serve as more fodder for thought for those who are patently anti-matrimony. Here goes.

(Ahem) Marriage has taught me...

... that being cuddled to sleep is a luxurious experience, subconciously missed since childhood

... that the limbs of a sleeping male are incredibly heavy. A carelessly flung out arm could easily lead to suffocation

... that there is absolutely no underlying satisfaction in washing your husbands dirty socks

... that no matter when or where you decide to be intimate, it is always a good idea to double check if the door is locked

... that time for self is low priority and dwindles down close to zero

... that it is possible to develop an allergy to gold only on the 4th finger of your left hand

... that the once abbhored period can become a welcome beacon of successful family planing

... that you cannot eat so much as an extra cutlet without the aunty brigade wondering aloud if you're pregnant

...and the list goes on. Stay tuned for more!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Wow...I've been tagged! For the first time ever!! By both Chaar and Santhoshi!! I feel absurdly pleased about this! Okie..., in no particular order, here are 10 random things that make me happy...

  • Food!! Potato salad, strawberry milkshakes and licking half melted toblerone.
  • When Darling gives me a foot rub.... sigh.... sheer bliss!
  • My parents, especially have fun when we sit together at meals and just talk...
  • Being cuddled, can't get enough of that...
  • Photographing weddings. I must be having over 4000 photos of various people getting married.
  • Teaching... maybe the kick comes from telling people what to do! (grin!)
  • Talking to Brother, few people get to know of his wit and sense of humour.
  • Drawing. Haven't drawn a picture in years. What happened?
  • Bubble baths. Lotsa bubbles!
  • Movies with happy endings! :)

Well... that actually took a surprisingly long time. Now if it were ten bad things, I would have had much to say about Thai journal editors who give impossible deadlines.

Hmmm... who to tag?

Nisadas and Agni... you're it!


So I'm back...

After weeks...

After being crazy busy at work, and feeling quite exploited about it...

After ignoring good buddies, missing birthdays and feeling like a crappy friend... (still feel bad :( actually)

After forgetting the password that gives me access to this particular typepad...

After running around as if my tail was on fire, looking for the little bit of paper with the password written on it...

Watch out world!

- - - But don't hold your breath!! :)