Friday, May 23, 2008


Wow...I've been tagged! For the first time ever!! By both Chaar and Santhoshi!! I feel absurdly pleased about this! Okie..., in no particular order, here are 10 random things that make me happy...

  • Food!! Potato salad, strawberry milkshakes and licking half melted toblerone.
  • When Darling gives me a foot rub.... sigh.... sheer bliss!
  • My parents, especially have fun when we sit together at meals and just talk...
  • Being cuddled, can't get enough of that...
  • Photographing weddings. I must be having over 4000 photos of various people getting married.
  • Teaching... maybe the kick comes from telling people what to do! (grin!)
  • Talking to Brother, few people get to know of his wit and sense of humour.
  • Drawing. Haven't drawn a picture in years. What happened?
  • Bubble baths. Lotsa bubbles!
  • Movies with happy endings! :)

Well... that actually took a surprisingly long time. Now if it were ten bad things, I would have had much to say about Thai journal editors who give impossible deadlines.

Hmmm... who to tag?

Nisadas and Agni... you're it!


Dili said...

Bubble Baths? :) You're just a little kid a heart arent you? he he

pissu perera said...

i also tagged you!! :)

Angel said...

dili : lol... maybe I am!

pissu (a.k.a. bimbette) : just saw it... thanks ! Feeling 3 times as special now! :)

pissu perera said...

ok so when i said you can call me a bimbette now, i meant it more to exaggerate my point than because i want to called that ;)

Gutterflower said...

Dammit. You've got me wanting potato salad and toblerone now. :(

Angel said...

PP : comment noted. Will not refer to you in that manner again. On the same vein, I know exactly what you're talking about. I once got told off for admiring the "Doctor aiyah's" rippling biceps while he was giving CPR instead of paying attention to the procedure!

Gutter flower : hmmm... must add disclaimer to such posts, "warning, may trigger insatiable cases of the munchies"