Sunday, February 8, 2009


So did I tell you guys that I got chikungunya fever? You know, the really nasty one where your joints hurt like crazy? Last month. Unrelenting fever at 104F. 2 days in hospital - ironically, my own ward. And now my joints feel as if I've fast forwarded to 80! Aiyoo... a cocktail of painkillers and as of late, methylprednisolone (a fairly funky steroid) is what I use to dull the pain.

The worst off are my hands... the small joints. And my hands are my livelihood. Every time I check blood pressure, it hurts, when I tap at a lump or feel for a liver or percuss a lung, it hurts. Giving CPR hurts like hell. Walking and climbing stairs present less of a challenge. Went to a wedding recently and had to come of the dance floor after about half a song because de ol' joints, dey be acting up. Duka, duka...


One month and a bit done... a wee bit less than five months of this nose to grindstoning left. We did a little mortality count - 16 deaths during the first month. Last Sunday I was freaking out... 3 deaths between 10.30 pm and 2 am... and just 2 nurses and me in the ward (and Darling dozing in a corner, trying to shut out the chaos).



I turned 29 last week - big deal. Was working and then had a long emo-moment with Darling. Sigh. There is a very material girl in me that just loves pressies and (this is the important part) can't get enough. Dinner was at the Sizzle... life seems much more bearable when one is well fed and watered...


Watched Slumdog Millionaire and was totally wowed. Was slightly disturbed to discover that MIA sings most of the songs but hey, just because I think she has had a deluded upbringing and should be seriously re-educated doesn't mean I can't like her songs, right?

Watched Madagascar 2 and was less wowed. Funny movie though... love the penguins.

Am also becoming addicted to House, MD. It's a slow excruciating week until Sunday dawns and I can watch the latest downloaded episode. I can actually guess some of the diagnoses too... although it's a little demoralizing how 10 minutes into the episode they say "do a whole body scan" or something like that.... yeah, if I could scan my patients bodies at the drop of a hat, I'd be a brilliant diagnostician too. I guessed yesterdays one fairly accurately... Darling is most impressed with me (grin!)


Am constantly hungry... I think it's a side effect of the drugs... the prednisolone to be exact.... am also looking slightly moon-faced with all the water retention. Mood seems to have improved marginally though... do steroids have a "Happy Pill" effect? Must tail myself off the meds but seriously what's so bad about eating all the time and being free of joint pain and stiffness?

Okay Angel, focus, focus - you are not, repeat, not getting addicted to steroids, ok?


Okie... I got to go now... have a lovely, lazy half day off left to spend in peace. I slept till 11am today....aaaaahhh.... bliss! I think I'll catch some more soon.

Batter fried mushrooms for lunch.... yummy, scrummy...

I'm off! :)