Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OMG... minihek!

Ok... so some guy managed to creep into our hostel at around 12.30am, Sunday night. This is a definite step forward. Usually the dudes just drive up in their 3 wheelers/mo-bikes/BMWs/4 wheel drives, play with themselves while gazing at the bras fluttering on the balcony washing lines... calmly wipe themselves with a bit of rag and drive off.

However, I don't think anyone has actually gotten in since Dr. JP (in her student days... many years ago) famously grappled with one of the "showmen" who made a misguided decision to walk into her room while she was studying for an important exam.

So anyway, last Sunday, this guy had gone into a room on the 3rd floor, where the occupant was sleeping but the door was unlocked as her room mate was studying downstairs. He had been rummaging around when the girl woke up... and he had then clamped her mouth shut with his hand (eeeek!) and threatened her and asked for money. After getting a few hundred rupees, he then calmly walked out and down the stairs. Another girl coming upstairs had met him and immediately started shrieking "budu ammo! minihek!! minihek!!!" etc. At which the guy had shouldered past her downstairs, run past the dumbfounded and bleary eyed security guards and straight into the arms of the policeman from the police post opposite the hostel!

So the policeman growls "mokada mokada kalabaley??" To which this thief/perv/druggie dude calmly replies "ne Ralahaami, prashnayak ne!" and the stupid policeman frikkin LETS HIM GO!!!! By this time the husband of our subwarden has come out and he sprints past the (still motionless and slackjawed) security guards and chases after the thief/druggie/perv but loses him among the tiny twisting lanes of Maradana.

Half the hostelers are now up and running around the place... much shouting, screaming and general excitement. The dazed (and drunk) security guards were sharply questioned by a bunch of irate girls in frilly nighties. Do you know what the idiot guard had said? (only one had been awake.) He had SEEN this dude calmly open the gate and walk into one of the hostel buildings and had asked what he was doing... and, in the guards own words "eya mukuth kiyuve nethi nisa, mamath ganan gaththe ne!!!" (The guy didn't reply, so I didn't take any notice).


I am speechless. I am horrified. I am so glad that I am now at home and the only guy likely to walk in is Brother in search of my stash of chocolate.