Friday, October 15, 2010


I have to confess... this whole thing got me lol-ing with at the sheer desparateness of it all

Ok, I have much respect for practioners of traditional medicine, those who hold sacred their craft, the ayurveda, siddha and unani practitioners. Their practice is not scientifically backed and not evidence based.... but they have tradition behind them, and if anyone wants to get traditional medications, hey, be my guest. However, if you want treatment for acute severe asthma, or a heart attack, allopathic (western) medicine may be a better bet, but that is IMHO.

But of course, traditional practitioners who stick to their craft are few and far between. So many of them give their profession a bad name by giving guli and arishta spiked with prednisolone or dapsone... and we detect it after someone gets a serious side effect like Steven Johnson syndrome or liver failure. Remember that guy who was trumperting in the papers of the herbal cure for AIDS? What happened to him anyway?

Ayurvedic practitioners have no training in allopathic therapeutics (just knowing the name of a drug or how to write a prescription is not enough) specifically, when to give and when not to give certain pills. And now they want to prescribe western medicine and use blood pressure apparatus and ophthalmoscopes.


Is the ayurvedic tradition so bankrupt that they cannot treat patients with their own medication or is it an inferiority complex that craves a littmann stethoscope round their necks?

I think I just lost all respect.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just typed a looong angst filled rant, only to have a misplaced key stroke send it into an electronic black hole.

Technology can really suck!

(fumes loud and long, decides to close laptop and go to sleep).