Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just typed a looong angst filled rant, only to have a misplaced key stroke send it into an electronic black hole.

Technology can really suck!

(fumes loud and long, decides to close laptop and go to sleep).


Chavie said...

Gaaah, hate it when stuff like that happen. But I do think that they do happen when the universe doesn't want you to get into any shit by posting it. I've been saved some very embarrassing posts thanks to randomly being deleted. :O

Angel said...

Chavie... somehow I have the feeling the universe really wants me to blog this... so am busily retyping... this time in word! :)

Jack Point said...

Damn. Does'nt blogger do autosave?

Am eagerly awaiting the next episode.

You are not pulling our legs, are you?

Angel said...

No men, I accidently deleted the post... THEN blogger autosaved!

Nope, no leg pulling at all!

Gadgetgirl said...

i hate it when it happens. gah really.