Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The many options....

So, Darling is rather miffed about one of my previous posts. Can't blame him really... actually I can, a bit, because I showed it to him before publishing. Proponent of free speech that he is, he said to go ahead. Now he says that with free speech comes the responsibility to deal with the consequences. Gah!

He is right, of course.

So anywez, I got quite a few comments on that post - on my blog, by mail, over the phone and to my face. Yeah, I'm popular. They have been summarised below.
  1. You're attention whoring, WTF is wrong with you? Snap out of it!
  2. The perfect couple isn't really perfect? (shock, horror, dismay)
  3. Thou shalt not cheat!
  4. Your situation is understandable - and I'm available!
  5. Everyone goes through tough times, may I offer a shoulder to weep on?
  6. Have a kid, things will work out.

But only one or two answered my fundemental question --> what is cheating? If I may qualify further --> where do you draw the line? I think PR and Knatolee gave the best responses... but I'd like an answer in the concrete rather than the upfront. So, please take the very long but seriously fun poll given below.

Oh, and one final question... is it "cheating" if you tell your partner about it first?

Saturday, March 27, 2010


So, my lovelies... I aced the presentation!!! Thanks for all the help with the brainstorming... it was like you were there with us because I was going..." hmmmm... Jack says cooking... maybe a strawberry cheesecake demo" and then saying "but LD and Cadence have a point about shopping and handbags" and then Darling really really wanted to go with the Yoda = Gotaimbara one (thanks KRP!)

Finally, I went with "reflections of greek mythology in modern medicine", which stemmed off from Janaka's suggestion... :) So there I was talking about the greek pantheon and the use of the staff of Aesclepius vs. the caduceus of Hermes . I spoke of Hygeia, daughter of Aesclepius and how their different ways of defining the healer reflect the paradigm distinction between Public Health and Clinical Medicine today.

I spoke about Psyche and Eros, and the other applications of greek terms in psychiatry narcissisum, echolalia, mania, the Oedepus and Electra complexes and about Phobus (fear), son of Ares, from whose name stems the term "phobia". I then went into the Iliad and the Odessey, put up pics of Brad Pitt as Achilles (drool) and some really smouldering ones of Medusa, who gives her name to the medical condition caput medusae.

I could have talked for an hour, but managed to restrain myself and wound up using just a little over my allocated 10 minutes! And the audience loved it! So, all in all... I am a very happy bunny... I'm pretty sure I got good grades in this.... :)
Thanks again... I love you all.... mwah!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok bloggers and blogistas, I need inspiration real bad! I enrolled in a course that sort of brushes up on areas I'm interested for PG. Among the topics covered are the so called "soft skills" - communication, presentation skills etc. So on Saturday we're each supposed to make a 10 minute presentation - and the grades contribute towards our finals.

The presentation is not the problem... I use powerpoint on a daily basis, and I am rarely nervous when it comes to talking to people, whether it's at the bus stop or a lecture hall. The problem is the topic. We were asked to "choose a topic of general interest", and I haven't a clue what to talk about.

The audience is aboout 20 people, all doctors of varying specialities, all of whom are senior to me in experience. Therefore, talking about my pet areas such as "care of the terminally ill patient" and "nasty dermatological conditions that result from wearing wet shoes" will not be very successful. There's sure to be a wet shoe specialist there, who knows way more about the subject than I do. Apparently, a previous student had spoken about "how to service your car" and that had been a big hit. I'd ideally like a similar, non medical topic - but preferably not about cars since the clueless factor applies to that as well...

So, HELP....!!!!

Any suggestions for a general topic to make a 10 minute presentation on, that would hold an audience of doctors?

Edit : I would *love* to talk about blogging, but since I like to remain annonymous out here, and since there aren't many doctor bloggers, I don't want anyone cottoning on!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi all, and sorry for the delayed post... life hasn't been very kind to me lately, and I've had other reasons as well. Thanks so much for your views and comments... I had a lot of food for thought, and obviously have taken my time in doing the thinking... So I thought I'd share one little balloon from the multicoloured thought cloud hovering over my head...

There we were, Darling and I, stuck in traffic, late for work and profoundly thankful we have an airconditioned car. Conversation was at a standstill, so the radio lady was babbling away unhindered.

Radio lady : blah blah blah, twitter tweet, International Women's day activities last week, twittering wittering, blah blah, equal rights, opportunities and progress.....

Angel : (emerges out of thought fug) See.... progress! That's what we need!
Darling : What about the equal rights and opportunities?

A : (smug) Already have them... some of us are more equal than others!

D : Hmmmmmmmm
Yeah, you have the right to look after my every whim, and the opportunity to do exactly as you're told...

A : Whut!!!! (enraged)

A : (fumes for the rest of the - albeit short - journey)

D : (lols)


D : could you help me get these things into the house please?

A : Whut??

D :

A : awwwww...... (melts into a big puddle of mush)

Later still.....

Sigh... sometimes life is not such a biatch afterall...


By the way, this happens to be my 100th post, and almost 3 years since I started blogging, so it's nice to have something nice to blog about. Darling is the one who gets full credit, since he was the one who bullied and cajoled me into blogging, and the one who came up with the name... based on a very astute observation of my personality, no doubt. I read through my blog agin, all the lame-ass posts I had in the begining, the dearth of comments, and the general lack of structure in my posts. I thank Dulan, Kay, Al Juhara, Half Doc (who I just discovered blogging again), DeeCee, Darwin, Pissu Perera and Daham who were my early commenters, and encouraged me no end.

I also thank Fallen, for the song below, and for helping me decide to actually go ahead with a 100th post...