Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok bloggers and blogistas, I need inspiration real bad! I enrolled in a course that sort of brushes up on areas I'm interested for PG. Among the topics covered are the so called "soft skills" - communication, presentation skills etc. So on Saturday we're each supposed to make a 10 minute presentation - and the grades contribute towards our finals.

The presentation is not the problem... I use powerpoint on a daily basis, and I am rarely nervous when it comes to talking to people, whether it's at the bus stop or a lecture hall. The problem is the topic. We were asked to "choose a topic of general interest", and I haven't a clue what to talk about.

The audience is aboout 20 people, all doctors of varying specialities, all of whom are senior to me in experience. Therefore, talking about my pet areas such as "care of the terminally ill patient" and "nasty dermatological conditions that result from wearing wet shoes" will not be very successful. There's sure to be a wet shoe specialist there, who knows way more about the subject than I do. Apparently, a previous student had spoken about "how to service your car" and that had been a big hit. I'd ideally like a similar, non medical topic - but preferably not about cars since the clueless factor applies to that as well...

So, HELP....!!!!

Any suggestions for a general topic to make a 10 minute presentation on, that would hold an audience of doctors?

Edit : I would *love* to talk about blogging, but since I like to remain annonymous out here, and since there aren't many doctor bloggers, I don't want anyone cottoning on!


Delilah said...

how about blogging itself?

Anonymous said...

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

Chavie said...

"Blogging as a means of reducing stress"? :)

or "LOLcats: Cure or Curse?" ;)

Can't you talk about some of your past experiences? Like dealing with burns victims and the need for safer bottle lamps? :S

Anonymous said...

How about a talk about patient privacy and confidentiality in medicine?

Angel said...

Thanks guys... Annon 1, I think sheer panic totally numbs me more than anything else! And regarding blogging, see edit abouve.

Chavie, Annon 2, those topics have been hacked to death in medical forums, and many if not all of my audience would have had similar experiences, so nothing new...


Jack Point said...

Depends on what moves you.

Travel tips? I remember you have spent your time traveling in exotic areas. perhaps you could talk about planning a trip to Kenya, what to do, see, things to look for? Perhaps a talk on preparing for a camping holiday?

Baking or cooking perhaps? Music?

What about getting to the history of cooking from the development of fire? The expansion of diet the basic primate one of fruit, berries and carrion to what we find today (cereals for example are indigenstible unless cooked) and the evolution of teeth and other aspects to cope with it?

With some help from hubby; Accounting for amateurs? Or accounting and bookkeeping for doctors?

Making money on the stock market?

Kulendra Janaka said...

You could talk about pratchett. But only a psychologist would appreciate it.

thekillromeoproject said...

How about... "Master Yoda was actually a Sri Lankan"...?

If you're familiar with the Star Wars movies, you'll see the huge similarities between the character of 'Master Yoda' and a legendary Sri Lankan 'Yodhaya' named Gotaimbara!

Please note the very close similarities between the words 'Yoda' and 'Yodhaya'. Also this legendary Sri Lankan yodhaya was supposed to have been of short stature, but possessed immense strength, maybe a manifestation of 'the force' displayed by 'master yoda'...?

The verbal syntax used by Master Yoda is also a close match to the Sinhalese Language and even the name of his home planet sounds like a derivative of a Sinhalese word!

Hope this sounds interesting enough a subject!! :)

Lady divine said...

It's avrudu season, make a presentation about the hot deals in town, the offers, the trade fairs and hand each person a copy of your slides. they'll appreciate it..:) I know this doesn't help.:P

Talk about the latest fashion tips - men and women..;)

Try not to pick a conventional topic... doctors like a change and something new.

Talk about travel? possibilities in the virtual world - like blogging etc...

Think of something that really interests you.... something away from work ofcourse.

Scrumps said...

I agree with JP (not because I swoon over him) but because you talk about your travel and food on your blog a bit and those are things that clearly interest you. I'm sure I read somewhere (on PR's blog maybe) that you did some teaching before and that you missed doing it now? These are things that you are clearly passionate about. Just my two pence worth. :)

Anonymous said...

talk about what makes you get out of bed in the morning.

Azrael said...

You could always check out wikipedia to see what happened on a particular day,

A bio about a famous person, some one related to medicine or not.

Travel stories are good.

Good luck!!!

Cadence said...

Why a big handbag is always a god send?
A woman can never have too many shoes or hand bags?
A woman can never be too thin or too rich?

I have no clue what wud keep a bunch of dr.s entertained!!! hope this is different enough.

Serendib_Isle said...

I would love to hear you talk about Yoda being Gotaimbara!

If not, lack of fashion sense in SL men: “Why does everyone like yukky Reeborn t-shirts with horizontal stripes?” :D

Or, how about turning knots in to bows?

Jack Point said...

How about the medical nonsense that floats around on email?

Have a look at

under the appropriate headings.

Anonymous said...

How about medicine and dealing with heat?