Saturday, February 25, 2012

Magical moment

I needed to change my top, so went and grabbed one from the cupboard. As I shook open the folds a lovely butterfly flew out! It was bright yellow and about 2 inches long and went fluttering around the room until I opened a window and let it out. I had no idea how it got there or for how long it had been there...

...but isn't that delightful?

Certainly made my day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quotable Quotes - part deux

At the risk of turning my blog into an everlasting "I am sooooo fat" whine, I just have to share these...

You've become so fat I didn't recognise you from behind
- Baby cousin on why he passed me on the road without offering a lift

You've doubled in size... I didn't recognize you!
- Family optometrist, while checking Baby's eyes

Are your hormones ok? You're abnormally fat
- Family dentist, drilling into tooth - sans anaesthesia

You haven't gained weight proportionately, your tummy is much flabbier than your butt
- Boss's secretary, trying to find the cloud in the silver lining

I'm not giving you any increments until you get back into shape
- Boss, adding to injury to insult

Seriously... everyone seems to be an expert on my flab.... :/

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been a messy week... and TGIF is all that I can say.

image from here

The Bumtrinket developed an eye problem and even though some people went "nah, can't be!" I was antsy until it had been properly assessed. I mean, it's her vision for goodness sake, how can I risk being complacent? So anyway, that meant a lot of worry and substantial time on hospital and a few more tests we have to get done this weekend.

I then had to turn in a couple of assignments, and two more are due by the end of today.... gah! Having a lot of trouble concentrating and on again-off again headaches.

Worst, I have to go back to work today as my maternity leave is over! Can you believe four months have passed? I should be able to get my leave extended... I'm hoping and praying. It breaks my heart to have to leave her and go and it's been a mad rush to bathe her and express and store milk, worrying all the while. Darling has put leave so that went a long way towards allaying my anxiety.

Adding insult to injury, none of my saree jackets (which fit throughout the pregnancy) fit me any more! I'm just too frazzled to alter them. Thank goodness for ready made jackets!

Will be needing a lot of positive energy today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waffling around

Does anyone remember Waffler's? That place down Duplication Road just before you reach the British Council? They used to serve delicious savoury waffles and had an open kitchen so you could see all the yumminess in the making. No? Oh well....

So yes, I had a great birthday, and thank you to all my friends who commented and wished me!

Yes, there was cake, the absolutely scrumptious type made by Mrs. G at Carlville Place... all soft and moist and slathered in chocolate icing. The Bumtrinket couldn't take her eyes off it, and I swear she was drooling all over her little shirt because I was too mean to share it with her! :) Some of my dearest friends popped over, and we had a great time talking about the "good old days". Better yet, Darling remembered how much I love cheese eclairs, and ordered some from Sponge, so my cup was full and overflowing.

Throughout the day, I was craving waffles. I loooo...ove waffles, the savoury ones for preference and used to be a devoted client of Waffler's. Perhaps they went bankrupt after I failed to drop by on a weekly basis. I make nice waffles too... used to, anyway. It seems too much of a hassle these days to clean out the waffle iron, search for the hand mixer, measure out the ingredients etc.

Colombo has many places that offer up waffles, but few that meet up to what I truly desire.Coffee Stop does an ok one, but it's very thick and only has sweet toppings. Thaprobane also offers up waffles during their Sunday Brunch, and these are much thinner and crispier and you have the option of walking around the buffet in search of creative toppings. But this would mean springing Rs.2000/- for the whole buffet and a bit of a waste if you're only interested in waffles.

Coco Varendah serves up a savoury waffle topped with sausages, bell pepper and cheese which is just awful! The dough is heavy and the waffle is hard so you have to chew through it untill your jaw aches. Sensal (Nawala) has freshly prepared waffles which are very nice, but also only have the sweet toppings. Oh, and avoid the caramel sauce at all costs. The Commons also had nice waffles, but the quality has gone down as of late. Waffles etc. at ODEL was also a bit of a let down. I mean, these aren't too bad, but a waffle is basically flour, butter milk and eggs. if you're dishing out Rs. 300-500/- for a waffle, there has to be some value for money.

After much... er... waffling, I decided to give harpo's another chance and try Park Street Mews.

ZOMG!!! Their ham, mushroom and cheese waffle is the best I've tasted... ever! It's quite large and filling, the waffle is crisp around the edges and soft in the middle. The cheese oozes over everything. In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, I love that waffle so much, I believe it loves me in return. Waffles are only available from 3-7pm, BUT they were nice enough to make a couple from us "after hours".

If you like waffles, then this is a must try!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


... and counting...

And first as a Baby Mama!

Happy Birthday to Me...! :D