Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quotable Quotes - part deux

At the risk of turning my blog into an everlasting "I am sooooo fat" whine, I just have to share these...

You've become so fat I didn't recognise you from behind
- Baby cousin on why he passed me on the road without offering a lift

You've doubled in size... I didn't recognize you!
- Family optometrist, while checking Baby's eyes

Are your hormones ok? You're abnormally fat
- Family dentist, drilling into tooth - sans anaesthesia

You haven't gained weight proportionately, your tummy is much flabbier than your butt
- Boss's secretary, trying to find the cloud in the silver lining

I'm not giving you any increments until you get back into shape
- Boss, adding to injury to insult

Seriously... everyone seems to be an expert on my flab.... :/


T said...

ignore them. I say revel in it until your baby is at least 3.

Hoot-a-Toot said...

Seriously mean people! Tell them it's just baby fat!!! Don't worry, you start slimming the moment you stop breast feeding.

Anonymous said...


KJ said...

Well atleast the boss seems concerned!

Sakunthala Peiris said...

Smile and say" awww.. thank you.. you really think? I've been trying sooo hard to put some on you know.." that should do the trick.. :)

Angel said...

Thanks everyone... it sure helps to have your encouragement! :D

swijenaike said...

Aw you just had a baby! Tell them you put on weight because you ate the last person who commented on it. Then smack your lips and go menacingly towards them. That should do the trick:)

Anonymous said...

lol @ swijenaikes comment.
some people are just super insensitive angel-cakes. You just keep being fabulous ok? *hug :)