Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tagged again! - and late, dammit!

Okie... I typed this post about a month back and stupid silly me forgot to hit "publish". And since I only get one Sunday a month off, I didn't see it until now... oh well.... better late than never, I guess!


Aww... I love all you lovely people who tag me!

Big grin... (I'm such an attention whore)

So I was asked 5 words about what I feel and to tag five more bloggers (I understand that RD is responsible for this latest one... cool!)


1. Relieved : fewer casualties and hopefully no more coffins coming home
2. Nauseated : seeing bodies of VP and others being flashed over the TV, have you no respect for the dead?
3. Inspired : by friends and fellow bloggers who are taking a really active role in helping IDPs
4. Hopeful : that health, hope and happiness will be soon achieved by all who have been crushed by both sides (intentionally or otherwise) during the conflict
5. Slightly stunned : as this is something I didn't think to see happening in my lifetime.

Ah, now the tagging part... since I'm usually late in getting involved with happenings at Blog-world, looks like everyone is tagged already... so it's open... TAG! You're it!


On a different note... it's good to be home and on broadband again. Honestly, my job truly sucks. I get one day off every 3 weeks. I work late on 6 days of the week, and can go home by about 5.30 pm once a week. I am chronically exhausted. I hate my job. Oh well, just about 5 more weeks to go! :)

I was actually quite annoyed during the whole we have won the war, VP is dead, all hail the free kiribath attitude prevailing last week. The TV was blaring full blast in the ward while I was clerking patients and since every one who could hobble out of bed was clustered around it I couldn't exactly ask for it to be turned off. The plus was that it helped weed out the malingerers... if you are well enough to dance in front of the TV, you are well enough to go home.

The OPD decided to have a kiribath party, thrusting plates into the hands of all and sundry walking by the hospital. Of course this meant that not a single minor staffer could be found in the ward and NONE of the referals got done, blood transfusions were delayed and the nurses and doctors were generally annoyed. I came across three of my ward staff, traces of lunumiris around their mouths, one dancing insanely while waving the National flag. The grinned sheepishly when they saw me and were so embarrassed it was impossible not to grin back.


I graduated last week too! Bit of an anticlimax seeing that I actually passed out of college a good 18 months back. So there I was all cloaked and gowned and on stage with the parents and Darling looking proudly on... I also went home with a nice shiny medal! Not bad eh?

So anyways, this is it for this month... with any luck, I'll be back soon! :)