Thursday, March 8, 2012

Impending doom...

... is the feeling I get when Darling has to be abroad for 3 weeks (no.... NO....!!!!) with me and the little Bumtrinket left behind, all lonesome.

Darling is my emotional bolster, my persistent motivator and my kindest cheerleader. Without him, I have a tendency to fall into a rut of misery and wallow there for ages. In an attempt to remain positive, I have decided to draw up a list of things to do and not to do and paste it on the wall, to keep me chipper over the 21 days.

  1. I will not mooch around the house eating krisco and del chips
  2. I will not order daily deliveries from Pizza Hut/Bayleaf/Dinemore
  3. I will use the orbi for at least 10 minutes everyday
  4. I will not use the orbi as a convenient clothesline
  5. I will blog more
  6. I will finally get around to submitting an article to the Reader's Digest
  7. I will take daily pics of the Bumtrinket for D's viewing pleasure
  8. I will snack on fruits instead of buttercake
  9. I will brave the next clinic visit - solo
  10. I will finish my diploma
  11. I will sit for IELTS
  12. I will promote world peace
  13. I will single handedly place the Sri Lankan flag on the moon

Um... so, yeah...

Wish me luck!


Scrumps said...

Definitely all possible. Do they do spacesuits in Bum Trinket's size?!

Dili said...

Not so sure on the first few, but I'm sure you'll pull off the last ones.

bingo said...

I'm damn sure you gonna finish up the last two.. :D..cheerzzzzzzz!!!!

Janith Leanage said...

^ What Dili said. :D Good luck!

PP said...

orbi for 10 mins sounds like a good plan. crank up the intensity and try it in the mornings. i find a good workout every morning to be a sure fire mood lifter.

good luck!

cj said...

All the best in your attempts Angel

Lady divine said...

gooooood luck! :-)

I'm With Dili too... :-)

if you need moral support, we're here..=)

santhoshi said...

HI Angel

Good list to keep yourself occupied, read a book too!


Cadence said...

Interesting list! try walking in the evenings at Independance Sq or Parliament Grounds? Sure beats the orbi (Currently my clothes rack at the rents :D )Kudos to more blogging though!

Knatolee said...

#13 sounds pretty difficult, but then, anything called BUTTERCAKE would be pretty damn hard to avoid!!!