Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 7 progress report

Alright everyone... this is me trying to a) avoid loneliness and b) keep motivated

  1. Number of blog posts - 2 (needs improvement)

  2. Number of days went on the orbi - 6, number of times collapsed after 2 minutes - 3, time spent on orbi - between 4 -12 minutes a day (hurrah!)

  3. Number of times snacked on fruit - 1 (not v.g.)

  4. Number of times snacked on buttercake - 0 (hurrah!)

  5. Other snacks - fish pastry (1), fish roll (1), biscuits (daily), kavum (2), kokis (7), mung kavum (1), curd and treacle (3) - but surely allowed as family alms-giving?

  6. Number of times fantasized about extra-cheesy pizza, spaghetti carbonara and submarines - 127 (terrible)

  7. Number of times ordered from above places - 0 (exemplary)

  8. Progress on IELTS - ridiculously large sum plonked down as exam fee (not v.g.)

  9. Strain on credit card - almost at limit (impending financial crisis)

  10. Progress on diploma, world peace and lunar excursion - none (not v.g.)

  11. Number of times emailed pics to Darling - 6 (excellent)

  12. Number of emails from Darling - 0 (sad)

Stay tuned for more updates...

And yes, I AM chanelling the spirit of Bridget Jones (v.g.)


GG said...

Number of blog readers you are putting a smile on..... very many (excellent)

Delilah said...

now you got me craving butter cake. warm, golden, gooey butter cake....aaaarrrrgh!!!!

Gutterflower said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't read anything beyond butter cake.

santhoshi said...

Love the bridget style of writing.

me too craving butter cake!

Darling said...

Hey! What about the daily Skype, phone calls and SMSes? How come they don't count?

Tight hugs! Be seeing my girls soon!

Anonymous said...

Lol, what GG said. :D