Monday, June 27, 2011

Status update...

Finally... free internets!

*falls dramatically onto a couch and pants in relief*

Yes, dear friends, 'tis me, live and kicking and mooching around beautiful Malaysia.

Actually, I'm doing anything but mooch, being here on training - and the intensive would be an understatement to describe the program so far! We leave the hotel at 7.30 in the morning and the last lecture finishes at 6.00pm, so I am usually exhausted but have to to group work and individual work as preparation for the next day.

They've put us up in a fairly swanky hotel with a lavish buffet breakfast... and if it were not for the academic commitments, it would feel like a wonderful holiday away from the hecticness that was my life for the past couple of months. The rest of the food is rather meh... Malaysians tend to favour very oily, meaty rice which I couldn't tolerate after the first 2 days and I've been surviving on soup and sandwiches for the last couple of weeks. My other grouch was having to pay an exorbitant amount for the internet at the hotel... and finally after days of begging, the course agreed to give us a free connection, so yay!

I think I've mentioned before that Malaysia is shoppers paradise... but only if you have the stamina for it! The malls are huge and numerous and varied, but finding good deals (yes I DO believe in value for money) takes time. I did spend a couple of days shopping with friends, but to be honest, most of the weekends were spent lounging around in a truly decadent way, just enjoying the time to myself.

The only downside is being away from Darling for so long... and even with frequent calls and skype, I miss him with every fibre of my being. I yearn very badly for the moment I can rush into his arms and hold him tight.

It looks like even after (in spite of?) 3 1/2 years of marriage the flame still burns, more intensely than before....


P.s. : I have got loads of new shoes I am dying to show off... someone please remind me to do a shoe post when I get back!


Darling said...

Awww... Saya cintamu!

Delilah said...

finally! someone who agrees with me on malaysian cuisine. nasi lemak aint all that its cracked up to be! i starved for a week over there for the want of normal food. finally settled for coffee shop sandwiches etc. but the malls...sigh.

Dee said...

wowow shoe post! YES PLEASE :D and darling's comment is cute :D

santhoshi said...

Cute post!

I want want the shoe post!

Scrumps said...

Shoe post! Shoe post! Shoe post! :)

And tips for Malaysia please! I'm there in September! :)

Lady divine said...

did you mention shoes? HELL YES!

Have fun..:)

Gehan said...

looks like we were both in Malaysia around the same time but for totally different reasons! i shall blog about it soon..

And I (surprisingly) quite liked the Malaysian cuisine!