Friday, June 3, 2011


I am so utterly and chronically exhausted that even lifting a finger seems to be too much effort at the moment. This post is being fueled exclusively by my emergency stash of toblerone mini's.

I guess we all go through this sometimes... burnout, maybe... maybe just feeling out of sorts.

I've been wearing the same half a dozen sarees to work for the last month. Why? Because they are made of nylon, i.e. no need to iron, just rinse, drip dry and wear. Unlike the more fashionable Hyderabad cotton sarees that are a PAIN to starch and iron. Speaking of starch, does anyone else use the spray on type available at supermarkets? Darling swears they keep his shirts crispy all day. He doesn't trust me with his shirts because the last time I starched one, it was so stiff, it could have walked off and hung itself in the closet.

I have spent the last 5 days marking MCQs, on paper that has been designed to be marked by a machine and not by humans. Said machine broke sometime ago. After a couple of hours, the coloured dots start to swim in front of your eyes. I hallucinate about them even while at home. Life has become a binary black hole. Adding insult to injury, the payment is like 2 rupees per paper or something.

Not sure this post makes sense... need to sleep.


Chavie said...

Oh... having a set routine does that to you, I guess. :(


Loshini said...

hahhaa... i can completely relate to this.. just one q, how does one perform CPR in a sari? where i come from we clamber most unceremoniously onto the bed and even skirts are too cumbersome for me, what more a sari! pratice i suppose? and some superhuman skill? :P

we all have down days (weeks?) sleep definitely helps for me. that and reading your recipe for no bake no egg cheesecake! ;)

hope you get better soon :)

Jack Point said...

Why is the machine broken? Has somebody been trying to scan lottery tickets on it or something.

Hope things improve.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! but be optimistic!!!

You are doing good to the World!!!

When you exhausted, Go have a bubble bath, or Watch a animation movie...