Friday, July 15, 2011

Back...! And rushed off my feet*.....

So yes, back in sunny, warm, humid Sri Lanka, which is very similar to sunny, warm, humid Malaysia, except here I do not have the luxury of having air conditioned surroundings practically 24/7!

As you can imagine, being out of sight does not really translate to being out of mind, and I have come home to a *huge* pile of written (i.e. official) correspondence that needs to be followed up on and loads of other commitments, family, work, friends on my pending list.

To add to this, hours after I land, I learn my cousin has been diagnosed with typhoid, and also that my Mum has dense cataracts in both eyes, needing quick surgery. So, cousin was started on antibiotics, Mum goes in for surgery, and the next day Darling gets severe food poisoning and needs to be hospitalised. Thankfully, all are out of the hospital now but Mum will get her other eye operated next week and Darling is back on a "normal" diet and eating goodness knows what, so I'm feeling very gloomy when I think of the next few weeks.


*Needless to say, posts will probably be few and far between... and shoe post will be delayed until i have a pedicure... I cannot model ze pweety shooze while having ugly feets! :)

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