Friday, July 23, 2010

Smelly stuff

Those of you who know me are probably aware of my penchant for online shopping. Mind you, it's mostly window shopping (or screen shopping if you must) but I do get loads of fun out of it. Ebay, Amazon are pretty good and the sheer quantity and variety of the stuff on offer takes my breath away!

One of my favourite haunts is - the sarees there are pweety and look so good on the models, I just have a lot of fun browsing through their huge collection. Oh yes, and I've bought 2 sarees from them.. one was my homecoming saree, which was a cream chiffon with a bright blue border, worked with cream flowers and sequins. The other one is leaf green with a red and gold border. They are both now out of stock so I can't link to the pics. Anywez, I wasn't too thrilled with one because it had a quality defect, but when I complained they apologised profusely and gave a $25 discount for my next purchase. The green one is absolutely gorgeous, and both are very unusual.

My bonanza find so far has been the Victoria's Secret summer sale, which I discovered in 2007. Actually, it's darling who pointed me in that direction, and I am eternally grateful. Yes I agree, the clothes are horrendously priced, but I zoomed in on the cream-lotion-potion section.... specifically the "Secret Garden Collection". So yeah... this is how I pamper myself.

For a very limited time, they have a "8 items for $35" or "6 items for $20" offer, and this is what I watch out for. I've managed to hook my friends and relatives too, so a sizable order is placed. With the shipping charges, US tax and SL tax all factored in, it worked out to about Rs. 800/- or Rs. 600/- per item, which is great value for money.

My favourites so far are Lovespell (shower gel, scrub, bodybutter), Secret Charm (bodywash, lotion) and the Cocoa butter lotion. A friend ordered Endless Love, and I was madly jealous because that was so intoxicating, and I wanted it! The nice thing about these scents is that they are subtle, not overtly floral and certainly not the in-your-face-and-up-your-nose type.

Well, this is just a glimpse of the "My World" tag I'm yet to respond to (thanks Lo$t)... have fun y'all, I'm going to enjoy my Saturday pampering session!


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

and here i thought this was about some bad odor.. :P

santhoshi said...

Love the stuff angel. thanks for sharing on the online deal.

Angel said...

Lo$t : lol, in retrospect, i think the title was a bad one

Santhoshi : anytime, luv!

Book Baker said...

Oh, I really did think the post was on something nasty when I saw the title.. But aww those goodies!!! You go girl! Thanks for sharing the links.. :D

Angel said...

Ha ha! You're welcome!