Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mission Impossible

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Current weight - 62 kg
Target weight - 50 kg

So yeah, following the disaster of my previous weight loss plans, I've grit my teeth and made a firm commitment, yet again.

Problem is 1kg of body weight in fat = 7700 kcal. That then is the calorie restriction needed to lose 1 kg/week. Hmmm... that is cutting down 1100 kcal per day. My recomended daily calorie intake is 1650kcal. This leaves me with a paltry allowance of just 550 kcal per day.


Starvation, here I come...

Edit : Yes, I know this is unhealthy. It's not recomended for a woman to have less than 1200kcal per day unless in a medical supervised environment.

Hang on... I am a medically supervised environment of one! :)


Gehan said...

Well you probably know that the target weight should be in proportion to your height as well, so how tall are you? Assuming you're between 5'3" and 5'6", i'd say 55kg to 57kg is a reasonable target isn't it?

Ok so I read a lot about this when I started gyming, forgive me :D

All the best! Agreed, starvation isn't the healthiest idea but heck you're a doctor, you know what you're doing :P lol

PseudoRandom said...

Gah you doctors are so daft sometimes! My doctor friend starved to lose weight and then collapsed in the ward. And we entrust you lot with our lives?!


I'm sure I don't need to tell you (or maybe I do), it's not how much you weigh, but whether you're healthy. If you starve, you'll open yourself up to a variety of health risks...is it really worth it?

Also, genes play a huge role...I can't gain weight - one look at my parents will tell you why. You need to accept what you can't (and don't need to) change.

Rather than starving, try and change the way you eat. Look at what food you're eating and make educated decisions about what to leave out. And consider a vitamin supplement.

Hisham said...

Why not just exercise? then u dont have to starve yourself OR just go crazy and have like LOADS & LOADS of sex.. and not the mediocre kind.. go crazy & do some kinky shit lol.

cj said...

Hi Angel I am not an expert on meds as you are but one thing I know is if we suddenly reduce our calorie intake by 10% the body thinks that there is some kind of famine and goes into slow drive and uses only 50% of the calories it would use generally. So suddenly you are putting on weight even though you are starving. If you want to loose weight really fast low carb helps and I actually used 15 - 20 mg of Sibutrex (sibutramine I think) everyday to help me feel less hungry and it really helped.
The best thing I have found out is to visit a dietitian. I found a great one by the name of Janaki De Silva who charges you a flat fee for a block amount of weight to loose and you can see her as often as you like for advice etc the discipline of going to someone once or twice a week also helps to keep you on the straight and narrow path. I have found myself full of energy and yet loosing weight after going to her. If you like her contact number drop me a mail.

Skinny Pills said...

Struggling to lose weight over here as well :(

And about the same number of kilos too. maybe we could work out a support system?

The toughest for me is eating healthy at dinner because we socialise so much and also not eating during meetings.

This time around though I'm determined to lose.

I'm going to look up this Janaki De Silva and the drug recommended by CJ :)

Angel said...

Skinny pills : I feel you, darling. support system sounds great... and yes, Janaki is exceptionally good! :)

santhoshi said...

What happened with aerobics.

I think i will try this pill that CJ suggested with the B's wedding looming up i have not lost a pound or a penny ( change that i lost loads of pennies no pounds)

Angel said...

Santhoshi : aney be careful. Don't take any pills unless advised by a doctor... some weight loss pills can have serious side effects, including permanent damage to the heart...

hijinx said...

Says the lady who wanted to starve herself which could also do serious damage :P I missed reading your blog, it's good to be back.