Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EPIC fail!!!!

So.. um... yeah. I'm referring to this. And, no, it's not because I was busy having an affair... (wry face).

Needless to say, I'm feeling sheepish, and generally as blah as I felt on the 8th of April, which was when I typed my last post. And of the 61 comments I had queued up, 57 were from chinese spam bots. As Gehan put it and as underlined by the lovely Knatolee, I seem to have flunked the worst at #12. I haven't done too well in the others either... am trying hard not to burst into wails of frustration and despair.

Careful analysis of the last 9 weeks shows that I actually ended up gaining weight. This in spite of the fact that I was working literally round-the-clock for the last 6 weeks, elbow deep in the organisation of 2 international conferences. In spite of taking thyroxine in a bid to lose weight (I gave up after 3 weeks - and yes, I understand that this is abuse). In spite of sticking fingers down throat trying to throw up (it doesn't work for me, maybe my larynx is selectively paralysed). During the conference, I was asked if I was pregnant - by 7 different people. I guess you can underline the "epic" part again. The moral of this story, boys and girls, is don't go looking for eating disorders until they come looking for you.

On the slightly bright side, I am topping my PG class. The cloud to the silver lining is that I have so many asignments pending, and penalty assignments that it is unlikely I will stay there long. At least the view was nice.

I haven't made time for the girls. We are all busy, work full time and are generally more on the broke side than otherwise. Where I work, the company is intellectual from a medical point of view... but not in any other way. I have a very short attention span, and even a few free hours means I have crammed my head with thoughts and ideas and have no one to discuss it with. I recently re-read Dante's Inferno. I come across various interesting and hilarious tid-bits and comics during random net trawls. And I can't think of a single person I can discuss them with... no one I come into contact with on a day-to-day basis anyway. Sigh...

I did manage to buy some nice sarees, and new jackets that fit means there is less incentive to lose weight... hmmm... but the colours are pretty! Mostly pinks and greens... because once I get a colour stuck in my system, I can't seem to see beyond it.

So anyway... here I am, not given up, yet, hoping against all odds that I have a second chance.


Chavie said...

Yay, you're back! :D

You should join twitter! ;)

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

failure is only a state of mind :)

Try again...

Darwin said...

dude, eating disorder sounds scary. no way do you want to go down that path. goodluck!

santhoshi said...

hey angel was wondering why the silence.

i have the same problem with colours i have gone and got pink sarees pink kurtas and a whole load of blue. I think we need a colour detox.

dont even joke about eating disorder.

Knatolee said...

Aaack! I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty; I just missed your blog posts!!!

I think you set yourself an awful lot of goals to accomplish all at once, so don't be too hard on yourself. You're a busy woman!

And honestly, when will people learn that it's never all right to ask a woman if she's PREGNANT?! You wait for her to TELL YOU!! Unless perhaps you're her mother.

And you have all the chances you want. :)

Angel said...

Hey Chavie!!! It's good to be back... but you know, I'm a total twitter noob, I have no idea how it works!

Lo$t : thanks for the vote of confidence...

Darwin : I know :S appprently having a medical background does not make you less prone to crazy weight loss strategies.

Santhoshi : I knwo what that's like! I just realised I don't have a single blue saree... and no, I will not joke.

Knatolee!! I missed you too! And yes, ppl need to know to be delicate about possible pregnancy1 I saw results of a poll that said ppl don't give up their seats in buses in case "merely overweight" women get offended!

Delilah said...

oh i've missed you.

as for the weight, its a sri lankan small talk thing, are you pregnant/ omg you've put on aney.
just ignore!

keep writing here and maybe you'll feel less blah (plus we'll have your writing back :))

Cadence said...

Yup, ignore the inconsiderate social ignoramus' most Sri Lankans tend to be.

Good to see u back :)