Thursday, April 8, 2010

The great OMGWTFIDK self help plan

So yeah... two important things came out of my previous posts.

  • Boredom isn't reason enough for having an affair

  • People who want to have an affair go ahead and do it, they don't blabber about it on their blogs

So, although there is more to it than sheer joblessness, I turned my creative energies towards making a self help plan... implementable in 12 easy steps.

  1. Concentrate on PG programme throughout the week, instead of procrastinating and doing everything at - literally - the last minute, every. single. week.

  2. Upgrade baseline mood from irritability to detachment. Be more understanding, tolerant and loving. You are prone to double standards - recognise and deal with it.

  3. Cut down on the calories, work out more and match Dee in her goal for washboard abs! Current weight 60kg (eeeek!) Target weight 48 kg (facepalm!)

  4. Wear bright colours to work instead of signature funeral/neutral black, gray and taupe. Use money saved on calorie cut down to buy new sarees. Jewel colours are the new black!

  5. Try to spend at least one evening a week helping the less fortunate... e.g. teach at the local orphanage

  6. Nip in the bud any "what if" thoughts about old flames. Refrain from googling any flames. Realise that path to hell is paved with dodgy chatlogs. Attention whoring does not pay on the long run.

  7. Commence personal truth and reconciliation commission and leach out regrets, horror-movie type moments and disappointments that poison self.

  8. Get into domestic goddessing more often.

  9. Find diva time for self - blow dry hair, do up nails, defuzz. Use the selfcare products at home without wasting them. Do best not to be unattractive, unlovable, unlustworthy and fugly.

  10. Stop obsessing about hormone status and embrace motherhood as and when it comes - start taking folic acid. Daily.

  11. Make time for the girls. Text, phone, mail when meet-ups are not possible.

  12. Blog more often - this is my pressure vent, my sanctuary. Stop worrying about trolls... people are fundamentally nice.


Me-shak said...

Good one, may be N/A for me but interesting how you have turned your creative energies.
I might be interested in loosing a few pounds though!
Thanks for dropping by :D

Anonymous said...

we need to talk! Kay

PseudoRandom said...

Sounds like a plan, Angel! :D

Re your weight, I know you're a dr and all, but please be sensible!

And I have to say, the line - "Realise that path to hell is paved with dodgy chatlogs" - really cracked me up :D

Chavie said...

Nice set of goals, and yes, boredom isn't an excuse to get into bad habits, be it affairs or alcoholism. I heard that in a recent study about juvenile alcoholism, many of them responded that they started drinking coz they were bored! :/ Sad how with every distraction that we've got nowadays we still feel bored enough to get into self-destructive behaviour! :D

Glad to hear that you'll be blogging more... Trolls happen, but they're outnumbered 99:1 by really nice people! :D And I soooo agree with "Realise that the path to hell is paved with dodgy chatlogs."! Haha, man, if someone sees the chatlogs between me and my best friend we'd both be in prison or worse! lol :D

Dee said...

will follow no.6! :S... good one me lolling. now go have lots of sex... to have babies of course. ;)

Delilah said...

taking a print and putting it up on my wall. aw. trust you to make me smile :)

Scrumps said...

48kg?! Bloody hell! It sounds drastic (IMHO) but each to their opwn. Just remember to stay safe! Love the set of goals though! :)

Knatolee said...

You go girl! And trolls are the reason God invented comment moderation!

Serendib_Isle said...

Excellent! I agree with you 100% on #4; I am wearing a lemon green polo shirt at this very moment. Colours you wear has a major effect on your mood; I donno why the Lankans seem to love the earth tones so much. ;(

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

a pin up on the fridge perhaps.... :)

Good one Angel... gooodluck..

Cadence said...

Bright Colours, been trying to incorporate that to my wardrobe as well. It's weird how we take to black grey and beige so much!

Nice list! Might take up a few of em me self! :)

sue said...

:) Nice! I think I'll try no 12 too ;) maybe no 6 too. What the heck must try them all...nope..maybe not no 10 gone down that path and meh!

santhoshi said...

love it angel. I want to lose weight before the wedding!

Chavie said...

Hey Angel, long time no hear. How are you doing? I hope everything's good. :)

Gehan said...

what happened?? u said u'd blog more often and then u fell off the radar!! :D

Dee said...

liyannako post ekak!!!

Knatolee said...

Hey! You're not paying attention to #12! :)