Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anniversary getaway....

So this is the long delayed post about our post-1st anniversary weekend. After me being depressed about work and what not Darling whisked me off to Royal Palms, Kaluthara. It was a lovely weekend and the hotel and the service was absolutely wonderful. I was really impressed by the service... the welcome, the "happy anniversary" decor in the room, the complimentary cake, the candle lit dinner... it was sheer luxury after the brunt of working at hospital.

Darling gets plenty of points for this one! :D


Lobby of the hotel - aren't the white elephants gorgeous?

The cake!

Detail of a pettagama in the dining room

Us being all relaxed and happy!

Lobby decor


Sabby said...

Looks like fun. =) You deserved it after all the chaos of work.

Love the blur boxes. =)

Dee said...

aww..u deserve every bit of vacation time! :D and happy anniversiry, and wishing for many many more to come! :)

Lady divine said...

I'm so glad you took a break doc!
Happy anniversary!!


gutterflower said...

Happy anniversary! Good to hear that you had a great time. :)

GATZonline said...

u guys would have enjoy it a lot. this reminds me three wedding anniversaries we celebrated up to now :) wedding anniversary is the only time which we are going out for sure.

happy anniversary!!!

pissu perera said...

it's been a year already?! but you only posted your wedding photos like yesterday no.. wow! happy anniversay to you both! hope you enjoyed yourself :)

ps - actually, i now remember reading your post about the kitchen-anniversay..

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Boy knows how to score points ;-) and wise choice.. u've left me wondering how come u didnt put up a pic of the luxurious poool!!!!

surani said...

Happy anniversary Angel and darling!! :o)