Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tag time, again!

Tagged again, this time by Chaarmax, Pink Mist, Samanalee and Charmed... feeling a deep and comforting sense of belonging in blogosphere (mad grin!). Will not be posting any rules or tagging at the end, because everyone else I know seems to be tagged already!

Okie, here they are.

1. Needles terrify me. Whether I'm on the giving end or the recieving end. Not good, when it comes to my line of work.

2. I love kiddie parties. The stuffed eggs and cheese bouchees, the rainbow sandwiches, baby cutlets and homemade birthday cake. Ok, ok, I just like the food, the kiddies are optional.

3. I used to (and still can) bite my toenails too! And so can my best friend. What is this, a national past time?

4. I'm mostly deaf in my right ear. This makes conversations difficult when the other person is to my right. It also provides an interesting answer when senior doctors bellow "are you deaf???"

5. The first day of my honeymoon was spent shopping... Odel, Romafour, Wildflower etc.

6. I won't say I'm an animal lover but I can't stand to see animals die. This includes fishing ants out of teacups, blowing at mosquitoes (and stopping others from slapping them) and rescuing spiders from the toilet.

7. I read books that I love over and over again, the Anne series, Bridget Jones, books by Terry Prattchet and James Herriot, Pride and Predjudice and Pollyanna. I can quote entire paragraphs at a stretch.

Well... that's it. Not terribly interesting, but hey, it's me!


sach said...

And the kiddies party food is made in all sorts of interesting shapes. And they always have ribbon cake which I love in moderation.

I also love James Herriot. I was in England a few years back and I visited the James Herriot Village in Yorkshire and went to Alf Wight's house, etc. It was awesome.

Lady divine said...

I'm sorry to read about your hearing problem....
well, we all have something wrong I guess..:(

as for what you did on the start of your honeymoon....interesting..hehee....

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Couldn't keep out on shoppin atleast one day?!?!? 1st day of honeymoon ?!?!?

samanalee said...

rainbow sandwiches! mmmm... darnit now you made me want some! hehe :D

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

that was interesting.

when i was a kid i had some marvelous birthday parties, thanks to my parent.

Angel said...

Sach : yup, kiddie parties rock! Wow, the James Herriot village sounds awesome. That definitely goes on my to-do-someday list!

LD : no worries, it could have been worse!

Lo$t : nope, couldn't... especially as I had got a lot of vouchers as gifts! :)

Samanalee : let's throw a party shall we?

Pradeep : imagination goes into overdrive at the thought of the food at one of your parties!