Saturday, June 21, 2008

Culture shock of sorts...

Okie... me I'm a simple girl. Mildly goday if you like (though not in the league of the estimable DDA.) For the last few years my time was spent mostly ambling around the National Hospital, the rest of the time in bed saying "amme, how my feet are aching!"

Ok, there were good times too. I had a great gang of girlfriends to gossip, go shopping and do the "girl-stuff" with. My boyfriend turned up regularly to sweeten my life with cream buns and by taking me "out". We'd go check out the clubbing scene occasionally - even though the last time we did that we ended up in a brothel. (Long story). Money was always in short supply - text books, equipment and stationary are quite pricy, shoes get worn out fast, clothes get gunk on them and need replacement and there were unforseen expenses like having to replace the earpieces on the stethoscope because a kid in the ward had eaten them.

So my point is, whenever there was a wedding or a party or a big do, I'd just wash my hair, slap on a bit of powder, drape a saree around myself and rush off. Getting dressed and primped and all pweety at a saloon was an alien experience until my wedding day. And it was a wonderful experience... I had so many people fussing over me and even my fingers were made-up!

So the season has dawned again, and there's a big family wedding next week. Having splurged on a fancy saree and a stylish jacket, me wanted to go the whole nine yards, so called a nearby saloon (a moderately famous one) for an appointment - hair, saree and makeup.

"That will be Rs. 2500/-, Madam" twitters the young lady, as if it were pocket change. I try very hard to swallow and inquire in a nonchalant manner "how much for a hairstyle ony?" "Rs. 850/-, Madam."

Holy macaroni.

How much does a Doctor charge for a consultation? A consultant? Rs. 350/-? Rs. 450/-? This is with 6 hellish and un-fun years as an undergrad, gruelling training in the wards for PG, exams and more exams arguably described as the hardest in the world. Painstaking setting up of a practice and essentially working 2 jobs.

Damn, I'm in the wrong profession! In a 15 minute appointment, with absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for my client's life and well being, with no exhaustive thought process or analysis of symptoms, with merely an aesthetic appraisal of the shape of the face, type of hair etc., I could have earned double the money doctors 15 frikkin' years senior to me are earning.

I'd have time to take care of myself, get regular pedicures and possibly have a more fun and interesting life. I'd be around carefree people instead of stressed co-house officers and patients. I'd not get calls in the middle of the night that so-and-so was seriously ill, or requests to go see someone's, someone's, someone in hospital. I'd have time for my loved ones... and for myself

Anyway... I thanked the saloon lady politely and put down the receiver. I think I'll just wash my hair, slap on a bit of powder, drape a saree around myself and rush off.



Jack Point said...

Interesting post, never though of comparing doctors fees and hairdressers fees.

I cut my own hair now, after the price went up to about Rs.150 at the barbers, I use a clipper.

Jack Point said...

Nice blog, by the way.

Dili said...

LOL well my mom would say that its only those who have nothing to show off on the inside, that try and show off on the outside. So based on that, id say you'd be the toast of the party. Have a ball now.


Darwin said...

Heh I tried the same thing once and decided never again. Totally not worth it imo.

I can only afford to cut my hair twice a year over here though! Costs £32 WITH a student discount. I agree, I'm totally in the wrong profession!

sach said...

This is to let you know that the blog address of Cynically Yours has changed and now it's so please change it in your blog feed or list. Thanks and feel free to delete this comment.

Azrael said...

Ah but when the hair dresser gets sick, she has to come to you. Think of all the fun you can have by screwing with her mind about having some deadly disease, when all that she has is a cold and having to cut off her arms if she wants to live...Mwuaha ha ha ha

Yeah i know, it's morbid. Thank god I aint a Doctor :P

pissu perera said...

i know what you mean. i only go to a salon for haircuts, and i havent been able to afford one in 7 months!!!

the man who cuts my hair charges more money than i want to put down here. the last time i was there he did 4 hair cuts, 2 bonding/relaxing/whatever its called and a blow dry (meaning his assistants did everything except the cutting) and withing those 2 hours he made about 15 000 bucks. no kidding.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

"hair, saree and makeup - That
will be Rs. 2500/="

You should be feeling lucky!!

Just the braids cost me 8+.. still think tht too much?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You need to learn some self-do beauty tips. Not everyone goes to a salon to get their beuaty requirements done. There are ways of staying pretty without being a regular beauty salon goer too.

Angel said...

Jack Point : I feel for you... and thanks!

Dili : I like your Mum already..! Yup, had a wonderful time at the wedding and the post wedding parties/homecomings etc.

Darwin : Ouch! That's really pricey. Last time bro was in UK, he came home looking like one of the Beatles in their glory days... hillarious! At least girls look good with long hair!

Azreal : I am speechless! Echo - thank God you're not a doctor!

PP : wrong profession again eh? That works out to about 7000/- per hour...

Lo$t : hmmmm.... so you wear braids? 8k is really steep... but then again, it's fairly long term. My little bill would have been for a 5 hour even, max!

Annon : thanks for the tip... wish I could actually find time/inclination for regular beauty treatments. Regular salon go-er I am not!

Anonymous said...

These are the times I feel lucky to be a guy, as opposed to when I'm pissed that girls get in free all these clubs, and ironically some don't let you in if you don't have one of em with you. (Anyways i've gotten out of the clubbing, scene so it rarely matters now). So thankfully for men, we don't need a consultant to put a suit on for us, nor do we have to bust soo much for a haircut. I still have my regular barber shop that does a decent job for 60 bucks. :)

I'm told (by the missus) that you can get it done cheaper, like 600 bucks for each item on your list.

While there are the few good docs, some of them charge exorbitant amounts. Like a Dietitian who charges 950 bucks. Just that you never complain and Doc's Appointments are higher up in the priority list that Hair-cuts. So while you can put off a hair-cut for several months, you cant do the same.

Good luck..:)

chuls said...

Been there know it but you put it across beautifully. Great piece of writing. I have a hairdresser who opted out of being an architect -- bet he makes more money now with less effort.

Angel said...

Chaar : lol about the clubs and envious sigh about the 60/- haircut. Bless your Missus for her help, but I still think that's too steep - or is it me being too stingy?

As for the docs, well,I have the selfish and un-altruistic opinion that they can charge what they like - if it's too high, they won't have a practice! Remember, healthcare is (suposedly) free in SL, and the patient chooses to come to the private sector (in most cases). And it's usually the doctors second job... seeesh!

I don't think a dietician is a doctor... they're specialists in diet and nutrition, a rare breed in SL, and therefore charge as much as the market will bear. :) Afterall, it may take some time to sort out a person's diet, convince them not to eat cake and what not... you are paying for his/her time, experience and expertise.

Chuls : thanks, glad you like! I like your hairdresser - but am too scared to ask how much he charges!

Anonymous said...

Like I said.. it's a profession.. so they have every right to charge what they feel is worth their time and effort. So no quarrel there. :)

Well.. if your interested drop a line. And there ought to be even cheaper places out there.

Angel said...

Absolutely, to all professionals, including hairdressers and beauticians! :)

Anonymous said...

i luv the fact that ur so honest.. i also deeply admire ur determination and drive..
P.S don't let those hairdresser bastards rip you off :p

Angel said...

Annon, thanks for your comment and the flowers! i'm sorry it took me so long to put it up.. I haven't had my hands on a PC with decent bandwidth for ages!

Sachintha said...

LOL I think I have saved about 25k or something by now...
I haven't had a haircut in, err... like six months... And I'm doing fine!