Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monthus Horribillius...

...or is it mensus horribillius? Pardon my Latin.

Anyway, that's what the coming month is promising to be. Hot on the heels of the car crash, my poor father falls ill and needs to be hospitalised. Severe respiratory infection with a suspicion of low cortisol response. Icy cold peripheries, dehydration, fever at 104F and low BP. Dispropotionately low pulse (low 60's). All this had Mums and I scratching our heads and trotting back and forth between the ward and the lab. Happily, the drugs worked and he's back at home and on the mend. Phew!

Yesterday was another scare as around 7.15 am Brother's girlfriend calls to say there's been a bomb in the train she was travelling in! She was thankfully unhurt but quite naturally shocked... and was now walking along Galle road, avoiding crowds and she felt jumpy whenever there were more than a few people around her. A few hours after dropping her home, I read Dinidu's post on the subject... and got to thinking of how many people were nervous about loved ones... real panic beats on the edge of your mind while another part of you keeps chanting "okay, it's going to be okay..." over and over again like same manthra.

And now, the Ministry of Health announces that Internship will be starting on the 1st of July. Now, this means we get an overlap and save 3 1/2 months of waiting but aaaaarrrrgh! I've gotten used to this cushy lifestyle and I don't wanna go! Clinical oriented though I am, the thought of doing casualties, clinics, ward rounds and on calls bloody sux! :(

I need comfort food.

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