Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My first job interview

Last week self was once more demurely draped in 6 yards of cotton and waiting to to face a panel. This time however, they were not to cross-question mercilessly on disease states and their management... they were to go through my CV and find out if I, Angel, was the kind of person they could trust in a temporary post at the Faculty.

I had to wait in a side room with the rest of the hopefuls and despite the balmy weather, makeup was getting slightly oozy and nervousness was mounting. I repeatedly asked why I was voluntarily submitting myself to this type of agony... do I get some kind of cheap thrill out of it? I dunno - before I had figured out the answer, I was called in.

Many questions, some predictable and some not. And then I was shown out. My rather slim file of certificates wasn't even glanced at. Shame, I was looking forward to boasting that I had won the relay race in grade 5. :)

So anyway, I got a call yesterday. The whole thing is very hush-hush as nothing can be "official" until our results are known.

Results are due on Monday... eeek!


Lapa said...

There are three kinds of women:

the pretty ones

the ugly ones

and the blondes...

New literary blog.

Angel said...

eh? ok, if you say so....