Monday, October 29, 2007

The last forage of the Glut-club

a.k.a. Golden moment #2

To be honest, it was the culmination of a long series of golden moments, gently spread over 6 years of Med-school. There was no official inaugaration... it was more of the brownian motion of life bringing together a bunch of serious food addicts, cookery experts and...well... gluttons. A mutual craving for salad took us to a certain fast-food joint down Union Place and with the tutorship of C we quickly developed salad-bar surfing into an art.

Birthdays heralded competitions (who has the tallest salad?) and this became more or less the ideal way for us perpetually broke undergrads to eat cheap. Cheap salad that is. There were stares from the staff... and sniggers from the other diners... but nothing dampened our enthusiasm. The management shut down the salad bar 3 times during the past 6 years. Each time it reopened (with much fanfare and progressively dilute mayo) the Glut-club made its presence gently felt.

The day after our final paper, we went there... for the last time as penniless undergrads, eight of us happy to share 2 salads and a garlic bread and split the 625 rupee bill.
Salad served by C, who once managed a 9" salad. mmmm...mmm look at all the chunky pineapple.

Angel with her (pitch)fork poised to attack the salad. Never can manage to get enough pineapple to stay on top.

We came, we ate and we conquered... :)


Dulan said...

But can you beat these creations over there?

pissu perera said...

2 salads and a garlic bread and it came to 625?? goodness, is eating healthy food also this expensive? try the chef's salad at deli france. last time i had it, it was only 250, but it has strips of ham in it. i'm assuming the eggless cupcakes points towards a vegetarian. though i think delifrance has a veg variety also.

Angel said...

dulan : hmmm... they do look architecturally sound. I guess I have a benchmark now, even though they don't give the little cucumber slices in SL

pp : it isn't that healthy since half of what's on the plate is mayo. :) It could have been done at half price if concocted at home, but who can bother slicing pepper, boiling pasta and grating carrot/cabbage?

Eating healthy is fairly expensive if one opts to eat out... had a garlic and mushroom sandwich at delifrance today which was 250/- sigh... less than a week among the employed and I've guzzled down a significan wedge of salary before I've benn pad! :(

Mayda said...

You write very well.

Angel said...

Thanks Mayda!