Monday, October 15, 2007

Cupcake frenzy

I think I mentioned before that the post-exam blahs left me in no mood to celebrate... but I did have a number of golden moments...

Golden moment number one

Inspired by Darwin (actually, reduced to helpless slobbering by the luscious photos) I trawled the net for egg-free cupcake recipies. I came across a really good one here. I made a thick chocolate icing and decorated with chocolate crispies.

The pic is very fuzzy because I couldn't find a camera and all I had was Darling's camera phone.

I was really thrilled they came out so well 'cos although I'm ok in the kitchen (never poisoned anyone, yet!), I suck at making cakes. The look of ecstasy on darling's face was pure gold in itself. :) Hurrah! Am turning into domestic goddess in manner of Martha Stewart and Darwin!

The cupcakes were delicious but a little on the heavy side. I think I have to add more X or reduce a little Y. A whipped cream topping would have done much better on a banana cupcake. Mmmmmmmm.... I foresee another golden moment in the near future!


Lady divine said...

oh that is sooooooooooo tempting and looks yummylicious!!!!

wow!!! I could use some right now!!!

pissu perera said...

yummalicious!! can i pass my address on to you so you can send a few my way? you don't know me, but think of it as spreading cheer to the world =)

sittingnut said...

though pic is grainy, cakes look good :-)

might try some cupcake recipes (esp weird ones) in that blog myself.

Angel said...

LD, PP : thanks... they really were quite good, especially since not much effort was involved! I don't do deliveries yet (grin!) but if you're interested, I'll tell you when to drop by campus and sample some!

sitting nut: yeah, I really like that site with very innovative ideas. The yoghurt recipie also looks good . let me know how they turn out!

Darwin said...

Oooh I just saw these, I love the swirls you've done by the way of decorations. Nice!

I've been given a Green and Black's organic chocolate recipie book as a present (perfect for someone who loves chocolate and baking btw). I'm still waiting for a free weekend to try them out, if they're good I'll pass on the recipies:)

Angel said...

Thankee kindly! The swirls were the result of painstaking wristwork with a spatula. The recipie book sounds like a choco-lovers dream... please do pass on the recipies and don't forget to post pics on your blog!