Monday, January 16, 2012

Quotable Quotes

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- Angel accusing the weighing scale of unjustifiable bias

How come you still look pregnant?
- Darling, throwing all sense of self preservation to the winds

No abdominal exercises for 4 months
- Gyno, disregarding impassioned plea by Angel

You don't look like you've ever done crunches
- Gyno, adding insult to injury

It was the baby!
- Darling, trying to conceal the true origins of a large burp

You're a thumb-sucking "Choo"-bacca!
- Angel, looking at the 15th wet nappy for the day

Apologize immediately!
- Darling, voicing outrage at the flippancy

To the Bumtrinket, or to Chewie?
- Angel, seeking clarification

You're a very hydrated young lady
- Darling, trying to minimize the emotional fallout

Someone - and I'm not naming any names - has done the poop
- Angel, detecting a certain pungency in the air

Yes, all stinky-poo
- Darling, adding his 2 cents

She's the most gorgeous girl in the world!
- Darling, watching the Bumtrinket smiling toothlessly

Yes she is!
- Angel, relinquishing her title without a moment's regret


Inspired by The Circus


santhoshi said...

lol you are hilarious!

Janith Leanage said...

Awww. And hahaha. Choo-bacca. :')

Anonymous said...

hm this site used to be interesting, some times even a good it is the biggest baby bore. not coming back, for sure.

GG said...

hilarious! So how many nappies do you usually go through per day?

Angel said...
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Angel said...

Santhoshi, Janith : thank you... I practice!

Annon : whatever rocks your boat. You see, I write to entertain myself.

GG : Well, a healthy newborn should have AT LEAST 8-10 wet nappies per day. I actually had a clipboard and kept a log for 2 weeks because in an illness (jaundice, fever, dehydration) the urine output goes down and it's good to have a record since your memory is none too reliable.

Now it's about 6-8 per day, but goes up on cold/rainy days. I now put Bubs in diapers at night, so add about 3 diaper changes from 10pm to 6am. :)

Hoot-a-Toot said...

LOL! We still call our toddler Stinky Poo (affectionately mind you) :) I think darling is such a cute dada ;)

Anonymous said...

@Anon: well, I find it interesting - and informative.

වර්ෂා.. said...

angel,thank you 4 posting this..
and if you have much time,please visit my blog!

Angel said...

Su : of course it's affectionate... and can be the source of great family jokes in the future!

Mahisha : Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Warsha : Thank you for visiting and happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

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Jack Point said...

Ha ha nice list.