Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pregnant with song...

Hello everybody...! Well, you can see the sad outcome of my resolution to blog more. Darling - of course - took off with the laptop... and the desktop crashed shortly afterwards. Maybe it was lonely too. I managed to keep up with my bloglists at work, but felt guilty about blogging during work hours... and many posts just remained unwritten.

So even though JP and Chavie had some great ideas with links and the TV series, I did end up doing far more housework than was strictly necessary, including cooking a meal for my cousin (who is also pregnant) and her family. Am utterly exhausted today, but happy because I took the noon dane to the temple near my house and also found some time to meditate.

The good news is that Darling is back!! Yay! (Does happy dance)... And now I have laptop and interwebs while he sleeps off the jet lag. We watched the latest episodes of a couple of TV series, so I am very happy! The goodies brought home deserve a post of their own, and I shall get to it the moment I snaffle the camera and the cable from Darling's stuff.

I've been listening to a lot of great music these days, both for my benefit (keep down 'em raging hormones) and for Baby's benefit too. There's a lot of classical music on my play lists, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and music from Swan lake and the Nutcracker Suite.

The Moonlight sonata, my favourite!

Also Yanni (esp. the Acropolis tracks... love them, totally love them!) and the more contemporary cute songs like Firefly

Getting a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs... so cute!

I've also developed (not surprisingly paerhaps) an affinity for preggy movies/songs. Obviously, classics (ahem) like Juno and the Waitress top the list.

This is definitely going to be a "sing Baby to sleep" song

Great expectations indeed...

Ignore the slightly disturbing pregnant teen back-up singers in this!

So, yeah, that's what I've been up to last week. No internets, no skype with Darling (thank goodness for Dialog-my 10), lots of music and a reasonably clean house!

How has your week been?


santhoshi said...

Good job listening to music, the baby must be dancing away.

My week was a bit of a bore Dh is away travelling, so its been me and the kids.

GG said...

Moonlight sonata, heavenly!! And Yanni too! Two of my favs.
Although I can't play the clips at work, so will have to wait till I get home.

Chavie said...

Juno had some lovely lovely songs. My favourite is Dearest by Buddy Holly. :)

Jack Point said...

The slow movements of the early Beethoven piano sonata's are very endearing.

Do the playlists have the complete sonatas or a few movements?

Angel said...

Santhoshi : I swear the Baby is sensitive to the tunes and beats, because sometimes the kicks keep time to the music!

GG : great minds my dear! :)

Chavie : I know... it has the sweetest soundtrack.

JP : I know... even the first movement of this one is lovely. I love the 3rd movement best, perhaps because it's so stormy, and also because the best is saved for the last. It's very difficult to find the full tracks... I copied mine off some old CDs belonging to an aunt. Online you just get the movements.... or parts of them!

Jack Point said...

If you are lucky you can find whole works on Youtube, but they are usually loaded a movement at a time.

Was listening to this a while ago, you may like it: