Sunday, September 18, 2011


So here I am, sitting all alone in my room, hoping the days will pass quickly. Darling has flown out of SL on a work related trip, and I can't describe how much I miss him. Of course there are advantages in travelling on company moolah, like getting to fly business class, and being put up at a swanky hotel. Thanks to Halik, however, I have been having visions of svelte Cathay Pacific stewardesses cooing "oh hello, Mr. Darling, would you like unlimited refills of assorted nuts?", not the most restful, you would have to agree.

Darling has been trying very hard to lessen the impact on me... taking me on a delightful mini-break to Bentota just before he left, and calling me three times a day since he got there. He has also left instructions to Brother to maintain regular supply of chocolate eclairs and apple juice, and admonitions all over facebook, email and elsewhere not to be a pundit and do any cleaning or heavy lifting. This is quite justified because generally being jobless and lonely tends to trigger my OCD, which results in me cleaning the bathroom tiles or the floor skirting with a toothbrush.

Meanwhile, I've set myself a long "to-do" list, which includes blogging more. But gentle readers, do forgive the over abundance of preggy-posts. Nothing fills my universe more than the minute human being inside me... and nothing gives me more joy.

Have a great Monday!


Cadence said...

Movies? Reading? Won't help?

hugs! he'll be back soooon!

Lady divine said...

oohhh.. I hope time will fly and that he'll be back soon!!! :-)

Take care and we're here for you both....:)

hugs. oh and be careful! :)

whacko said...

Congratulations! this is good news. The little human being, not the business class nut refils

Darling said...

Honey, it's a matter of perspective, like I always tell you -

I think not of the fact that I'm away for a week, but that I'll be back in 7 days. :-)

See ya soon!

Jack Point said...

Who is lonely with the internet around?

Some interesting blogs that I have discovered:

Have fun!

Knatolee said...

Well duh, I EXPECT preggy posts!!
You deserve some chocolate.

Chavie said...

Hope you, Mr. Angel and Angel Jr. are doing good. :) I dunno if you're into TV shows, but they're all back after summer hiatus. :D