Saturday, February 12, 2011

Easy no-egg, no-bake cheesecake

It's been ages since I had a foodie post... and since WikiLeaks has been planning to release my secret recipie, I decided to put this up as a pre-emptive strike.

Note to self: when tall blonde Australian dudes try to hit you up, go easy on the alcohol, since it is desirable to have some secrets remain so.

You will need

150g marie biscuit crumbs (a little less than 2 packets)
80g unsalted butter, melted
250ml whipping cream
250g cream cheese (room temperature)
1/4 cup of sugar (not sure how much that is in grams)
1 tsp vanilla


Mix the butter and the biscuit crumbs. Grease the bottom and the sides of a 8-9 inch cake tray and press the crumb mixture onto the bottom and about an inch up the sides. Put it in the fridge to chill.

Beat the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until smooth, then set aside. Beating at the lowest speed gives better results as less air is beaten in and the cake is less likely to go "poof" and collapse.

Beat the cream until the legendary "soft peaks" form. Again, beat it on low speed and keep an eye out for the texture... if you beat it too much it will start to granulate and turn into butter!

Fold in the cheese mixture to the cream bit by bit and beat until the mixture has a thick pouring quantity. Pour carefully into the chilled cake tin, making sure you don't dislodge the biscuit crumbs on the sides.

Put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours, cover with a topping of your choice. This time I used the Jagro strawberry topping available in supermarkets, but have also used stewed fresh strawberries and strawberry jam. Put back in the fridge for another couple of hours or overnight.

Serve in generous slices, and enjoy!

Took this to a friend's place a couple of weeks ago... and from the gasps, moans and cries of "I think I just 'gasmed!", could only conclude that the cheesecake exceeded expectations! :)


PseudoRandom said...

Oooh I wanna make this! I have an irrational fear of making desserts but I really really want to try :S

Chavie said...

LOL at Assange and the remarks about the cheesecake! :D Well, judging by that picture, I'm pretty sure there were being honest. I'm drooling over here! :D

Delilah said...

very naaaice :) i have to try this.

Serendib_Isle said...

I'm not such a sweet-tooth, but this sounds so yummmm! :)

Dee said...


white blond...rawr.

Angel said...

PR, Delilah : do try... it is quite difficult to mess up! The first time I tried, I beat the cream too much (it was halfway to being butter) and didn't have enough crumbs... but it still turned out pretty nice.

Chavie : come on over and sample some.. I might consider taking orders!

Serendib : the nice thing is that it *isn't* very sweet... the cheese adds a nice tangyness, and you just have to control the amount of sugar you put in. With a lemon cream topping, it would be even nicer, me thinks

Dee : I know... rawr indeed!

Scrumps said...

I am definitely a dessert girl! :)

dogfight said...

Wow !! Yumzzz...

hijinx said...

Wanttttt :(

Jack Point said...

Wow, you need to have this on your birthday party list too!

Book Baker said...

I lurve cheese cake. This I will try to make, No bake ya? Excellent.. :)This looks soo yum.. & that's strawberry topping? Foodie heaven.. :)

santhoshi said...

Love the recipe going to try it!