Sunday, July 26, 2009

Male Chauvinist Oinkers

What is it about some Sri Lankan males that make them just not able to speak with due respect to educated women? My rant is specifically aimed at all those idiots, who over the last year, kept referring to me as "Miss".

Now that is a perfectly respectful form of address, unless you're a lady doctor, treating them/loved ones. In which case, the term becomes an insult, more so when the male doctor next to you (who is actually junior) is addressed with a bent head as "Sir".

For those of you who think I'm making an a big deal out of a petty issue, it's a big deal to me. My education means a lot to me, I sacrificed time and energy and youth in order to become the best doctor I could. At least have the decency to respect my education. And for those of you who think attire has something to do with it, trust me, I've been dissed while in saree, dress and skirt-and-blouse.

One guy was idiotic enough to snap his fingers at me (accompanied by an imperious, "miss") and beckon me over.... why? because he wanted me to get the urinal from under his bed. I was not amused.

One guy actually had the gall to ask "what do I call you then?".

He comes to a hospital.
He approaches me expecting the services of a doctor
I offer the services of a doctor, minister to his ailments etc.
He has no problems in referring to my male colleagues as "doctor" And he calls me "miss"

The worst offenders* (and I hate to be racially discriminating) are muslim males (young and old) followed very closely by young sinhala males. Tamil guys have in general been quite charming, forces personnel are extremely respectful - and meticulous about following medical advice - and old seeyas generally very sweet. I have never had this problem in the female ward, unless it is from a male relative of the patient.

*Note that the above is merely what I specifically have experienced over the last year.

Okay, okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. I know it's not a life-or-death issue since frankly, I've dealt with enough of those to know one. It just pisses me off, and at least here on my blog, I can rant the frustration out!

Have a good week, all!


Dee said...

argh :( feel the same when getting the look from oldies when you say im into marketing.. ahh? marketing?? like...pola?? sigh.

Lady divine said...

I can understand what you're saying..
I guess we'll have to consider the kind of people who come to your hospital also yea? But respecting someone is the least on can do, considering your profession and the work that goes into it...

I do see that you go through a lot from your posts.. and well, some people never change...

that guy asked you to take out the urinal like that? *slaps him mentally*

Lets just not take it too seriously yea?


Jerry said...

Whatever you say, miss.


Mutt said...

Does this happen in Colombo?
(since you've finished your Internship)

Kulendra said...

I'll call u 'doctor', doctor? :P

Anonymous said...

ughh how horrible.. just tell them - that's Doctor - you asshole - be blunt - tell them what to call you. Also, say it loud enough that any future offender will take precautions as well.

Angel said...

Dee, LD : thanks.... hugs....

Jerry : humph!

Mutt : in Colombo and all over, lady doctors don't get no respect!

Kulendra : yup... sounds good!

Kay : believe me, I can be very rude and very loud when I want to... esp. on this issue! Witnesses say that the offenders are reduced to the size of a worm on the ground! It's not pleasant though...

Knatolee said...

I don't think it's a small thing. Calling you "Miss" instead of "Doctor" (particularly when it is patently obvious that you ARE a doctor) is just a symptom of what lies underneath: a general disrespect for women, and a view that they are not equal to men.

While for the most part, you won't get men calling you "Miss" if you are a female doctor in this country (Canada), there is still plenty of deeply-ingrained chauvinism here. But don't get me started... I might never climb down off the soapbox.

Just continue to insist on getting the respect you deserve. You are a doctor, you worked hard for that, and you deserve to be called by your correct title, saree or skirt or trousers!!! It's a long road, but things can change.

Gehan said...

i know im late, but i think you have a very solid point here... it IS disrespectful, and its sad that they don't realise that..