Monday, July 20, 2009

Last week...

Well, livin' life to the fullest possible, and totally lovin' it!

The big moment was at work was when we referred one of our patient's to another specialist and she was like, "I want you to do this-that-this and refer back to me". And I could say, M'am, I've already done those things... here are the reports and scans. And she gives me this appraising look and says "you're good". :)

I'm also going to start a "I love the Inn on the Green" facebook group because man, their food is so totally awesome...! I hate places that serve up fiddly little portions of food with little decoration thingies taking up most of the plate space. This is the only place where I can't polish off the potion of pasta... and their chips are like, real chunky chips of luscious fried potato and not just half a dozen limp little fries. And "roast chicken" means half a chicken, roasted to golden perfection and not just a scrawny thigh... (Note : will not be ordering food at R&B unless they change their food policy radically) The only downside is that they haven't included the SC and taxes in the price so gives a false sense of monetery security... still good value for money.


So, went clubbing after what seemed like a decade...

Damn, has it been a decade, no, no not that long, although it feels like it, damn, what do chicks wear to clubs these days..? Will my tube top look too old fashioned..? I can't wear that white halter 'cos that means going bra less and I seem to feel the cold more in my old age

What has happened to the club scene in Colombo? Clancy's is now Shine and Molly's is no more and Tabu was just a dying hen party. Went half way to Tramps but the roads looked so deserted we thought it can't possibly be "happening". Went to H2O and found it closed so went to Sugar.

Eh? What's with the muzac these days? House?? That's music? Kind of zinga-zingbop-zing with an ill advised oooooh yeah baby thrown in? D'ya really need a DJ for that? Ok, this is music you can nod to, if you're high enough... difficult to dance to. Luckily we bumped into a friend of a friend who bought the third round... :)

The actual "scene" hadn't changed much. You still get the stoned weirdos dancing freakishly by themselves... the languid eyed beauties sipping drinks... the drunk chicks bopping around with different guys.... and said guys firmly clutching onto their butts. I had as much fun people watching as I had dancing... maybe even more!

So tell me, Bloggers and Blogistas... what's the best club scene in SL? Where and when do you recommend we go for a really good time? What's the really (ahem) happening place? We're partying again next weekend, so let me know!


I also discovered that you can't really taste the rum in pina coladas... which makes them dangerously, deliciously addictive!

Have a great week, all!


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

for the love of god...someone else who doesnt get wht the hell is on with house music..?!?! and these teen bops thinking..its COOL to listen n bop around for it..!!

Please do let me where it's happening.. where they don play HOUSE!!!

Jack Point said...

Club scene is pretty much dead I think. There are odd days when one is good

Polos Ambul said...

Good post Angel, clubs is something close to my heart but I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the SL club scene yet. Being out here in Kandy I guess there isn't much and maybe I might be too old? Having no clubber friends and being a female doesn't help either LOL!

Does anyone know if they actually have clubs here in Kandy?

Angel said...

Lo$t : aaaaargh! I share your thought on the teeny boppers nodding their heads to house music while clutching a bottle of Bacardi or something as if their life depended on it!

JP : I know!

Polos : Thanks for the comment... I am totally clueless about the club scene in Kandy... which is quite conservative compared to Colombo... hope someone can help both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

Cant stand house music!! When I visited Sri Lanka in 1999 I found an amazing place called Cascades. Small but just had such a good party vibe. I can't remember the DJ's name, but he had a shaved head and glasses. He played some really good hip hop and soul but the rest of Colombo was like 70's discos. I cant recall the bloke's name. How is Cascades?