Monday, January 21, 2008

Nasi Goreng and chit chat

Today I had an irresistable urge for chinese food. Unresisting, yet strapped for cash, I went over to S.... which was the about the only place I could afford, and get to with a mere 5/- rupee bus fare. Chinese menus 1,2,3 & 4 were sold out, and feeling downcast (not to mention hungry) I went for the only option left - mediocre nasi goreng. The facts that I'm spicy food "intolerant" and not exactly a fan of meat went ignored.

So I sat there, amidst the Colombo office bustle during a weekday lunch hour, moodily shovelling in the unappealing food and staring at the other people chattering happily with friends/family. I felt very lonely, all alone at my glass-topped table.

Subsequent conversation with Darling went something like this.

Me : I had tasteless nasi goreng at S.... today
Darling : You went to S.... for lunch? Why do you voluntarily submit yourself to this kind of torture?
Me : (shrug)
Darling : Hang on, what happened to the (packed) lunch from home?
Me : I gave it away
Darling : To whom?
Me : (sheepishly) A guy on the street...
Darling : WHY???
Me : He looked hungry...
Darling : ......
Me : (helpfully) He offered to pay me 5 rupees for it
Darling : ......????
Me : I said "No, no" and offered him 20 rupees. He said "no, no" also. Then we both walked off
Darling :...........
Darling : I am speechless. See you in the evening.

Hmmm.... poor fellow. He's stuck with me for life.

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Darling said...

Huey Lewis and the News, babe!