Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Feet

I had my first ever pedicure and foot massage yesterday. Mmmmm...mmmm. Two hours of footsie bliss. I have never experienced such pampering, ever! As Dearly Beloved put it, it was the least I could do for them after all the standing/walking/running during the past six years.

I really liked the pedicure lady as well. She was full of amusing quips and anecdotes and wasn't too horrified at the sight of my feet. So she got out her kit and started gently rubbing off the dead skin with an exfoliator. About 2o seconds later, she gave me this exasperated look, rummaged around her basket and started going at my feet with something that looked like an industrial metal file! Was mildly embarrassed, but then the blissfull feeling just blossomed out again... and I forgot everything else.

Honestly though, some of the lotions and potions, not to mention the instruments, would cause even our well equipped surgical theatre to hang its head in shame. Oily stuff, salt like crystally stuff, cocoa butter, shea butter, other butter and scary looking pliers, clippers, mysterious forked instruments etc. After the clipping and rubbing, my feet were put into this warm bath which had little jets making the water all fizzy and bubbly. I was so thrilled at it all... I felt like the proverbial Banda on his first visit to Colombo!

I walked back to campus soothed, calmed and happy. My feet were happy too!


Anonymous said...

good for you! uples and ammie also just came back from a spa visit.. more papmering people... good for the soul...:)

al juhara said...

sounds like a lot of fun...where did you go and how much did it cost?

Angel said...

I got it at a HANA outlet, next to Carey College... cost me 750/- which was totally totally worth it. I think I got a bit of extra time because I was the only client they had at the moment.