Saturday, August 18, 2012

Past few months...

ZOMG... where has all the time gone? I can't believe it has been over three months since my last post and so so much has happened! Ok, so this is just a peed post to get everyone (if there are any readers left) up to date...

  • The little Bumtrinket is 10 months old (TEN months, you guys, ten whole months!). She's gurgling and laughing and has just started to get teeth and pulls herself up to standing position and then flops down. Cannot yet differentiate between "Ammi"  and "umbrella".
  • I am worked off my feet, planning 3 big conferences for the latter part of the year... wish me luck!
  • Have lost a grand total of 3 kg and have like a gazillion more to lose. Am terrible about working out on the orbi, and Darling keeps saying "no pain, no gain" while my take on it is "no pain, no pain!" But 3kg is good, right?
  • My mum is back in SL - for good... this is SUCH a relief. We all need the mummy touch now and again.
  • I have not (repeat, NOT) completed either of the 2 PG courses I simultaneously (and recklessly) commenced last year. The final extension for both is September... wish me luck!
  • Someone very close to me passed away recently. I did all I could to save her, and yet keep getting haunted by feelings that i should have done more. Still tear up at the memories... :(
  • I've discovered Pinterest... loads of time wasted spent on the boards, and have finally started pinning myself. Await an overload of cuteness!

That's just a precis my friends... await more mediocre posts awesomeness soon!


cj said...

Good to see you writing again. Welcome back. 3 kilos is great. No pain no pain is a quotable quote!

Sakunthala Peiris said...

Hey... So glad you're back!! Good luck with everything!!

Angel said...

OMG... you guys still read my blog! Mwah! And thanks for the comments!

crystal flame said...

good luck on the projects girl. and hey 3kg is friggin awesomm!

Gutterflower said...

Was wondering what happened to you :)

1) Aww at Bumtrinket wobbling around.
2) I'm sorry about your loss.
3)Good luck with the PG and the fitness. It looks as if things are crazy busy for you. Remember to breathe in between and have some alone time.

santhoshi said...

Hi Angel its good to see u back in action. Ten months wow thats super.

3 kgs is good, u have jump started the loss, will put up a post about this place i am going to now.

Knatolee said...

So sorry for the loss of your loved one. A cuddle with Bumtrinket will help.

3 kg is great. Keep going!