Friday, November 4, 2011

Ahhh, motherhood!

This my dear readers, is the only occupation where the job description includes delight at the bodily effluents of another person... :)

1. Poop
As in : OMG she did her first poop....! OMG she did her 17th poop! (Ad infinitum)

2. Farts
As in : Better out than in, my darling! (Thank you Shrek)

3. Burps
As in : Wow, that was a *big* burp (Yes, and she will not regurgitate and choke)

4. Pee
As in : Yes! Her 10th wet nappy! (She is not dehydrated!)

5. Weight gain
As in : 200g! Brilliant! (That's equal to 2 whole marie biscuit packets!)

Await more additions to the list...


Knatolee said...

Glad all baby bodily functions are progressing normally! :)

The Puppeteer said...

Awww :)
And that makes you two the cutest new-parents!
Will wait for the additions!

cadence said...

Cute! :) Glad all is well.

bingo said...

babbee is doing great!!!!!! weight of 2 marie biscuit pacs??whoa!!!! :D :D

santhoshi said...

hahah Angel u have put it in a nutshell?

U left out the night time sleeping???

Janith Leanage said...

Awww! :D