Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New pet, old pet.... slimy and cold pet

So I'm back at my mum's place, enjoying a lot of pampering in peace and quiet. Happily munching away at home made hoppers, I notice two beady eyes staring at me from over the edge of the table.

I glare back.

Fellow slithers off with a flick of a speckled tail.

Apparently, that's my mum's new pet. We're not even sure if it's "pet" or "pets" because they don't stick around when we come to investigate! But every night without fail, mum leaves some hopper fragments or noodles or a bit of thosai on the table. Every morning it's been polished off.

Pic from here.

He only comes to share our dinner though.

I guess he doesn't like takeout for the other meals!


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

maybe they just eat less :P

good to hear ur being pampered... :)

Dee said...

eww hate em!

Harumi said...

lol nice pet. =D