Sunday, December 16, 2012

For the love of chocolate


Gentle readers, while you swoon with desire over the offerings above, let me say that the pic was taken over 3 years ago. I only have a 1kg slab of Dairy Milk and a monster bar of Toblerone in my 'fridge.


Anyway, here's some seasonal cheer for all my readers....

Chocolate is actually good for you!!!

Many thanks to Medscape and my friend Dujeepa for this heart warming compilation.

Slide 7.

Perspective (the small print)

In a commentary on Medscape,[35] Henry Black said, "What does that mean to us? Does it mean that we should start eating chocolate? Does it mean that we should prefer dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or white chocolate? Perhaps. If we are going to recommend eating chocolate, we would like to be sure that we get the right kind. It is possible that there's something here that we actually like to do. We have to make sure that we watch the calories, that we don't gain too much weight, because we're pretty sure that eating too much isn't good for you either."

As for the Nobel Prize-winning chocolate eaters, Dr. Black added, "This is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and I want to congratulate the New England Journal of Medicine for having a sense of humor."

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Happy Holidays Everyone!


Azrael said...

A chocoholics dream come true :P

Happy holidays to you too

Knatolee said...

Oh God, downfall!

The Puppeteer said...

You're back! Super!
Happy new year to you and the family :)

Heshantha said...

Oh, just remember your blog and visited here after almost 5 years and saw that you had abandoned your blog.

Any chance of reading your blog posts in the future???

Angel said...

Thanks for visiting Heshantha, and not forgetting me! :)
My writing has been sporadic and my views increasingly political and possibly unpopular. Life is not always kind, and after a while, you realise there is no happily ever after.

Maybe next year... :D